Andy at Millstream Fork

Conservation and Writing

Working for the Foundation for Endangered Species.

As well as an author he is also a conservationist leading The Foundation for Endangered Species (FES) whose prime object is to save animals from extinction. The charity's work has been delivered entirely by vo1unteers who do admirable work 'in the field', such as Beach-cleaning and Wildlife Gardening. With huge amounts of success they have completed many other projects since they began over 15 years ago. Andy publicises FES work and values in line with the 'Earth Charter International', to which FES signed up to in 2003. FES has never failed to deliver on these commitments. Moreover they have been extremely influential with UNESCO, especially being part of, and then chairing the Associated Schools Project network. (ASPnet).

Andy is also an advisor to UNESCO's International Oceanographic Commission, whose interests are to look at the seas and oceans of the world objectively. ( ). He is also on Unesco's Panel of Experts.

The Wildlife Zone

This is a working charity which has a wider remit than FES, dealing with underlying fundamental issues of the environment. It also fundraises for FES such as book launches, publicity and selling wildlife related toys - including our page on Ebay! The charity gave its name to Andy's radio programme which ran for nearly 10 years; and is now the title of the FES Newsletter which is published bi-monthly. The hard copy is 75p per issue and is available at the local newsagent at New Denham In Oxford Road or available from the Registered Office, (ISSN 20467621). However we have not been able to publish this recently because of ill health .

The Wildlife Zone Radio Programme.

Interviewing Eva Schloss at Uxbridge.

This award winning programme was broadcast live; it was written and broadcast by Andy for nearly 10 years, until ill health prevented more programmes. During this time Andy interviewed many conservationists from across the world, including Australia, Nigeria, Egypt, Brazil and Nepal. Other interviewees included UNESCO officials who talked about Wildlife Zone issues and the environmental problems which we face today.

One extremely interesting person to appear live in the studio was Eva Schloss, the step sister of Anne Frank, the diarist from the Second World War. This was such a success that Andy replicated much of the interview with another live event at Uxbridge Library shortly afterwards. This was situated with the backstop of one of Andy's wildlife Photographic Exhibitions which was entitled The Survival Against the Odds. Other exhibitions were displayed in this and other libraries for nearly 10 years.

For over 10 years Andy's Wildlife Zone Photographic Exhibitions were displayed at Uxbridge Library, other libraries and galleries as well as Liverpool Cathedral, with each year having a different theme


Another successful fundraising project was the calendar which celebrated the International Year of Forests (ISBN 978 -0-0567521-1-2). It included some photos of the Edmund Niles Huyck Preserve and its wildlife. The feedback was exceptional but unfortunately the calendar was too time-consuming to publish every year, despite its success.

Conserving Wildlife.

Our quarterly magazine, named Conserving Wildlife (ISSN 1757-7411) was unique and a great success for a few years until it folded due to a lack of distribution and advertising. We felt this was a shame after we achieved a high quality standard for an in-house project. Andy wrote the articles and edited text, whilst a designer managed the layout and others tried to increase the income, sales and distribution. We are investigating whether to continue this magazine as an annual.

Musical CD

This was published as a fundraising item for FES: the CD is now reduced to 4.99 with all proceeds going to the charity. All of the artists appearing on the CD freely donated their royalties, and with all members of FES being volunteers, it made the whole project possible. There is something on the CD for everyone to enjoy as well as an explanatory booklet about the charity and what it does. (ISBN 978-0-9567532-0-5)

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