The Romance of Football

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The Romance of Football

This facsimile edition has the original texts photographed onto A6 pages, close to the original book size with the cover having a stiff card and a hot shoe spine. This is a bespoke publication, made to order, and can be printed and named especially for an individual.

Another Book to be Published.

Andy is currently editing Dr George Chowrimootoo’s book, The Importance of Plants, which will be published by the Wildlife Zone in the near future. Dr Chowrimootoo first gained his doctorate in medicine, but some years later he became a qualified nurse only to change again to qualify and become a practising professional herbologist.

   Most flowers can benefit us

Science is finding out more about the holistic side to illnesses every year, and Dr Chowrimootoo is part of this global process. Despite being a scientist and academic, this book is not written in the dry manner of a university paper: instead he writes in an easy going style which is engaging for all.

In this book Dr Chowrimootoo discusses some plants, and in particular, herbs, and how they are both effective and efficient when applied to human ailments. Whilst chemical medicines are universally effective, he argues that natural plants can be as a good, if not a better way of getting our health and balance back.

They can even have beneficial effects on life threatening illnesses such as cancer. It is in plants that Dr Chowrimootoo professes that people can get cheaper and more effective treatments, if only we once more consider this natural perspective.

Ground level where all plants must begin to establish  
themselves. Valuing and protecting them is vital.
The forest canopy where biodiversity is at its most  
dense and abundant because of its plant life.

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